Catalytic Infrared Drying vs. Convection Drying

How do you decide what’s best for your shop?

The OEMs keep throwing you curveballs 

Can you remember a point in time in your auto body career where you have seen as many changes in the industry like the ones we are right now? And at the rate we are experiencing them? OEMs are advancing car construction like never before and at a furious rate. Cars these days are no longer made out of mild steel – and some aren’t even made of steel at all. 

Manufacturers are making the painting process even more complicated with tri coats, pearls, and reflective mid coats – with places such as Audi reporting they have a robotic two-tone paint spraying system. 

The earth keeps moving underneath our feet and it doesn’t seem to show any signs of stopping. Every day it gets a little bit harder to earn the same profit you earned the day before – let alone factor in any kind of growth – and we know this. Many of us were shop owners ourselves. 


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So what can you do as a shop owner to get ahead of the curve?

To put it simply, the fastest way to get more revenue is to process more cars on a daily basis. Outside of technician shortages, paint booth capacity is the biggest pinch point for a shop’s throughput. And you can only paint so many cars a day, right?

But what if you could suddenly paint even just two more cars a day?

What would that do for your shop in one week, one month, one quarter, or even one year? And to give you the good news, it’s definitely possible to do just that while utilizing the paint booth you already own.

What if you could eliminate the bake cycle from your operation entirely?

So imagine being able to de-nib and polish cars at pretty much the moment they left the booth. And imagine being able to offers repairs while you assist customers with minor damages. What kind of competitive advantages would that bring your shop in a crowded market?

To bring up the good news again, it’s all completely possible with Catalytic Drying. 

What makes catalytic drying so much faster?

To get to the point, this equipment cures the paint within a few minutes of application. There’s no baking, curing, or soft paint issues. And you can literally use a polisher in the same amount of time it would take you to back a vehicle out of the booth. So just think about all of the redos that could be eliminated from mistakes during assembly. And imagine how fast you could correct a paint flow or color match issue without even needing to tell the customer you need the vehicle an extra day. 

Just think about all of the time that’s wasted every day in your shop waiting for materials to dry and cure. And think about all of the time wasted by technicians who could be on to the next car if  you had catalytic drying. 

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