The Difference

Gas Catalytic Dryer vs. Traditional Drying

Gascat is the exclusive importer and distributor of these Robotic Gas Catalytic Accelerated Curing Solutions.  Providing distribution in the United States and Canada.

Intrinsic to the design, these robotic systems provide more efficiency overall,  Gascat Dryers can help increase throughput and touch time, while decreasing your cycle time and operating expenses.


The technology of gas catalytic generated IR has been around for many years. This process creates infra-red energy (mostly at very specific medium wavelengths) by passing a gas across a catalytic membrane. The IR energy created is a result of an exothermic event due to the splitting of the gas molecule as it passes through this precious metal membrane. It’s important to understand that there is no flame! 

In 2003, this technology was first introduced to body shops for drying paint on vehicles via a machine (or robot) that could move intelligently across a surface to give maximum required exposure (temp control) to all painted areas. It’s this ability to control speed through comprehensive surface temperature monitoring, coupled with gas catalytic’ s unique ability to create most of its IR energy in a ‘medium wavelength spectrum”, that significantly separates this technology’s efficiency from its electric competitors. 

A medium wavelength of IR, when introduced to layers of paint material, is the optimum band-width that is best suited to “fit” between the gaps in paint molecules and not just pass through and be absorbed by the substrate. This gap or space between the paint molecules is known as the “absorption band”. It’s when the IR energy created is focused primarily in this area that the most efficient and even curing of the paint material can occur. Couple this advantage with the energy savings of gas vs. electric operation and the throughput advantages created, and it’s easy to see the distinct advantage with using gas catalytic technology for creating a quicker & higher ROI in your shop. 

GasCat is the exclusive U.S. distributor for the Greentech brand of gas catalytic robots. 

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