Gas Catalytic vs. Electric Infrared

Gas Catalytic vs. Electric Infrared

Gas Catalytic Drying vs. Electric Infrared Drying

Now that we have peaked your interest about catalytic drying and it’s potential to eliminate all of the wasted time in your shop, the next thing you need to do is learn about the two different types of catalytic drying – gas and electric.

Both of these systems are designed to use infrared energy to cure paint material quickly. But the basic difference between gas and electric dryers boils down to the size of the IR energy band-width being produced.

Electric dryers produce a short wave of infrared energy which is more likely to pass through the paint molecules and penetrate the substrate (underlying metal) – causing an unwanted byproduct of an over- heated metal panel before the paint is cured.

On the other hand, gas catalytic systems produce a medium wavelength at the ideal size to fill the spaces between paint molecules – allowing for the paint to cure without excessive substrate heating. This allows for superior temperature control during the paint curing process.

This eliminates the wasted energy spent when heating panels. Additionally, an over-heated substrate is not something you’d want in the first place; as it is one of the many flaws with the electric (IR) method.

If you’re already running a bake cycle in your booth, you have an idea as to what your gas bill is looking like each month. By utilizing Gascat and its gas catalytic process, you can substantially reduce that gas usage. Unlike electric (IR) systems which usually require substantial upgrades to your electric system to adequately provide up to 40kw of the needed power supply. 

Flatter finish and fewer flaws

Another interesting aspect of catalytic drying is that you can actually produce a much flatter finish and reduce orange peel. This is mostly due to the uniformity in the curing cycle and the speed in which it’s able to happen.

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