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So why choose Gascat Dryers over the competition?

There are only a few options to choose from when considering catalytic drying systems – and each one has it’s own spin on how to accomplish the task. And as you saw in the video, there are certainly a few drawbacks when it comes to some of the competitor’s options. Most of them rely on multiple motors, clunky ground level track systems, or expensive whole shop solutions. Each of these motors offer an opportunity for potential breakage and down time. Meaning your booth could de down for days at a time waiting for the parts and service to come.

Gascat Dryer systems offers a simpler, elegant, solution at a much lower cost. And should you need any service or parts, we are a US based stocking dealer with overnight shipping.

Learn about our models

Gascat Dryers offers three different models. Each of the systems are designed to fit within your three production stages in auto body repair: Filler, Primer, and Paint. Our E7 model is designed to fit in most repair bays to cure filler material and primer. Our E6 Plus is for paint booths and can be retro-fitted into most existing models to cure all paint materials. And finally, our E5 Plus is designed to fit within most prep decks to cure fillers, primers, base & topcoats.

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